• Action items from last meeting.
  • Licensing considerations.
  • Blueprint status.





    Cairo GLES






    GL Proxy






  • AOB

Action Items

  • Everyone to send Jesse ideas for 11.11 Graphics WG topics

Action Items from Previous Meeting

  • Everyone to send Jesse ideas for 11.11 Graphics WG topics
  • Everyone with a smartbook/smarttop to try out the released 3D drivers and report issues upstream


  • Project licensing
    • Companies leery of GPLv3 for components likely to ship in a product.
      • Mostly because of anti-tivoization and patent clauses
    • This issue has come up with nux, discussion is ongoing.
    • For our projects we need to consider code reuse/sharing when choosing licenses.
  • 11.11 Topics
    • Still time to send in more ideas.
    • These can be either full-cycle topics or smaller topics. They can even be topics that span multiple cycles!
    • ACTION: Everyone to send Jesse ideas for 11.11 Graphics WG topics
  • Team work report
    • See section below

Team Work - Summary

Current Weekly Report

Complete History

Team Work - Detailed

Alexandros Frantzis (alf)

  • Cairo GLES2
    • Patchset "Add GLESv2 support to the GL backend" sent upstream for review
    • Working GLES2 backend!
      • On desktop performance similar to GL backend
      • Will start testing on ARM
      • As soon as it is accepted upstream, will create packages in PPA
  • Benchmarks
    • Fixed build issues for glcompbench and glmark2 on efika.
    • Still waiting on cairo-traces licensing.
  • Efika 3D drivers
    • Assisted in resolving some packaging issues.
    • Some initial testing done
      • Missing GL_EXT_texture_format_BGRA8888
      • ... but advertises GL_EXT_bgra, which is not an official GLESv2 extension.
      • EGL_KHR_image_pixmap doesn't seem to work
    • Waiting for new package releases to retest and file bugs

Jammy Zhou (jazh)

  • KDE/Kwin
    • Kwin crash with latest Qt gles2 libraries on imx51, seems same problem as original Qt crash, caused by a toolchain bug. Now rebuilding the whole stack with workaround in Qt from toolchain WG to verify. (The fix for the toolchain bug has been released in Linaro gcc 4.5-2011.03-0)
  • Chromium-wm
    • Investigate build stand-alone chromium-wm, and analyze the package dependencies.
    • Try to build chromium os on my new 64bit machine, but it took too long time, and there is error for emerging cross-binutils packages because unable to get some package info via network
  • GLProxy
    • Go on discussion with Qt guys, but no good progress.

Chunsang Jeong (chunsang)

  • DRI/Mali
    • Investigated UMP kernel driver architecture and user space driver.
    • Asked to ARM engineers and waiting reply for sharing documents or diagrams which can explain UMP architecture and UMPv2 API list in advance.
    • Investigated TTM's memory management API and architecture.
    • Refactoring Mali and UMP driver Kconfig and Makefiles.
      • Adding options to Kconfig from Makefile and modifying Makefiles which has a lot of options inside.
      • Trying to separate platform dependent source from drivers.(mali/platform and mali/arch files)

Shariq Hasnain (shariqHa)

  • Adding OpenGL ES and EGL support to GLEW
    • Upstream maintainer agreed for adding support of OpenGL ES and EGL to GLEW lib.
    • Started modifying the source code to download the OpenGL ES extension files.

Travis Watkins (Amaranth)

  • most compiz plugins ported (65 of 74)
    • wobbly, expo, and animation modify vertices directly instead of using transforms
      • animationaddon is not ported because animation isn't
    • cube is using display lists
      • rotate, cubeaddon, and gears are not ported because they depend on cube
    • the rest are using ARB fragment programs and are blocked on a solution for per-plugin shaders
  • some plugins are modifying blend modes directly, need a solution for this (likely a flag to pass to the fragment shader)

Topics for 11.11

  • Current list is here.

  • Alexandros
    • Investigate an EGL extension similar to GLX_MESA_multithread_makecurrent
    • Integrate glproxy with existing applications and libraries (eg our own benchmarks as a first step!).
    • Develop test-suite to check GLES2 rendering correctness.
    • Investigate how we can improve GLES2 performance for 2D uses cases. eg GLES1 has the OES_texture_draw extensions that is used extensively in android games
    • Further optimize cairo GLES2 and integrate it in applications (depending on how much we manage to do this cycle).
    • Extend glmark2 with more benchmarks covering other aspects of GL rendering.
  • Jammy
    • Use glproxy in some probjects, maybe we'd better start from one small project
    • KMS support in kernel
    • RandR1.2+ support in X driver

    • Port Surface Flinger to OpenGL ES2.0 (If we need to consider Android in 11.11 cycle)

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