• Action items from last meeting.
  • WiP Technical Topics here

  • Blueprint status.





    GL Proxy










    Cairo GLES




  • AOB

Action Items

  • ACTION: Jesse and Travis to evaluate the state of nux and decide on our involvement
  • ACTION: Jesse to determine course of action for BLOCKED items.
  • ACTION: Jesse to talk to MPD (ARM graphics) about additional tests to add to our spandex tree.
  • ACTION: Jesse to try skia-bench on tegra2 for Jammy.
  • ACTION: Jesse to build Travis' compiz branch and try on efikamx.
  • ACTION: Jesse to get graphics WG PPA enabled for armel.

Action Items from Previous Meeting

  • Everyone to update milestone items appropriately.


  • 11.11 Topics
    • Memory management topic has grown in scope
      • Jesse will drive the memory management effort
      • Planned: BOF in ELC, meetings in Linaro@UDS, Linux plumbers
    • Change from Linaro "releases" to "cycles"
      • Cycles are just for internal planning
      • WGs provide releases throughout the cycle
  • Compiz/nux
    • ACTION: Jesse and Travis to evaluate the state of nux and decide on our involvement
  • KMS
    • Patches to allow KMS to allocate a buffer without using DRM recently landed upstream
    • This allows KMS support for "dumb" drivers eg fbdev
  • Team PPA
    • We have a team PPA (not armel yet)
    • armel build resources are still scarce
    • Policy to ensure we don't waste armel build time:
      • First build in a normal (non-armel) PPA and
      • If all goes well copy to armel enabled team PPA

Team Work - Summary

Current Weekly Report

Complete History

Team Work - Detailed

Alexandros Frantzis (alf)

  • Cairo GLES2
    • Patchset "Add r8g8b8a8 and r8g8b8x8 formats" accepted in pixman master (last commit: b514e63c).
    • No news regarding gles2 review.
    • Still blocked on driver issues on arm platforms.
  • Benchmarks
    • glcompbench profiler API work in progress:

    • Packaging for natty
      • glmemperf: new version 0.17 packaged and pending inclusion:

      • spandex: 1.1.2 version is imminent (according to logs), waiting for it to create new packages and request inclusion
        • We maintain a significant diff to current upstream, that needs some polish before sending upstream.
        • This diff may block inclusion, unless we can at least show that we have requested a merge with upstream.
      • glcompbench: will provide updated package next week and request inclusion
    • Started looking into out-of-tree abrek test definitions.

Jammy Zhou (jazh)

Chunsang Jeong (chunsang)

Shariq Hasnain (shariqHa)

  • Adding ES and EGL support to GLEW
    • Added support for core ES and EGL extensions.
    • Handled the extensions which were common for both OpenGL and ES.

Travis Watkins (Amaranth)

  • compiz
    • finally got panda up and running again with natty, still can't get working GLES on desktop
    • got compiz running on panda, had to make some small changes once I was able to see it running
    • updated to latest code so others can test

    • compiz --replace composite opengl move resize decor should get a minimal WM you can play with

    • as seen in the first screenshot there is some drawing issue with the decor plugin
      • seems to be because decor is actually two quads and the current code just sticks them into a single GL_TRIANGLE_STRIP without merging them
        • need to figure out how to automatically detect this case and either merge them or generate degenerate triangles
    • working on a way to notify other plugins we're using GLES at build time, cmake giving some troubles

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