• Verifying the state of the release 11.08
  • Feedback from Connect
  • Upcoming absences:
    • Alexandros : 15.08.2011 (national holiday), and then 24.08.2011-04.09.2011
    • Marc : 29.08.2011 - 31.08.2011
    • Sumit: 15.08.2011 - 22.08.2011 (back on the 23rd)


  • Status of the 11.08 release:
    • List of projects to deliver packages is as shown in the Monthly cycles summary spreadsheet

    • Some notable comments:
      • GLEW: doing some final changes before the final release - Expected this week
      • GLmark2: implementing pulsar xscreensaver as a scene in glmark2 - to complete there is need to make the animation be like the original one and add more options to test. Also Alexandros is looking at porting glmark2 to Android
      • Buffer sharing object work is coming along nicely after Connect - a first RFC was posted by Sumit (see the thread starting here)

  • Feedback for Connect:
    • All positive, nothing negative

Team Work - Summary

Current Weekly Report

Complete History

Team Work - Detailed

Alexandros Frantzis (alf)

  • Linaro Connect
  • glmark2
    • Implemented benchmark for generic 2D convolution filter shader.
    • Android porting effort in progress.
  • glcompbench
    • Added canvas for xrender based compositing.
    • Added test for xrender based compositing.
  • Started studying SurfaceFlinger.

Chunsang Jeong (chunsang)

Shariq Hasnain (shariqHa)

Travis Watkins (Amaranth)

Sumit Semwal (sumits)

Marc Ordinas i Llopis (marcoil)

  • glmark2
    • Added pulsar test.

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