• Action items from last meeting.
  • Blueprint status.



Action Items

  • [ALL] Blueprints to be populated for 11.09

Action Items from Previous Meeting

  • To be added.


  • Progress checking:
    • glmark: confirm merge request and prepare for the release. Jesse had some code related to better support for polygon models but could not make it for the release (lots of models and packaging was trickier than expected). Also finished the port for Android, done some testing, uploaded the glmark2 tarball and expected to be used to Android LEB, but did not hear back from J. Huang (Android team) related to his testing (seems to be done on a non officially supported platform - a Nexus phone). Even though there has been no feedback, glmark2 is not a core component so we should push it.
    • glcompbench: could be released.
    • Unity/Nux/Compiz:
      • Compiz merge request was submitted. Not in Oneiric yet. Compiz merge review is ongoing at the moment for Oneiric.
      • Unity/Nux - none of the new changes in upstream works with natty anymore (trying to move on to Oneiric at the moment). A natty compatible version is not possible (without massive backporting of desktop code), not even possible to do testing of the release on ARM HW - no driver support for 3D acceleration for Oneiric as yet. Only way to test on Oneiric - on the desktop.
    • Glew: Release for 11.08 - final changes done and tested and ready to make a release.
    • Memory management: Not expecting a release in the traditional sense, since much of the patchwork is being still reviewed and commented upon. However Jesse expected over time to be able to use his own tree (publically visible on the GIT server) and take whatever patches are being revised and apply to that tree and point people to the "current state of memory management" (hands on version). Will start with CMA. Could also use Chunsang's DMA API patches also as a preliminary attempt.
    • Blueprint updates: Blueprints for 1109 have been created, the team will be updating them during wk33/34
    • Other:
      • clarification related to copyrights has been communicated (Marc - Collabora) for merge requests and patches
      • when can we start supporting oneiric related patches for graphics - need the acceleration support to be able to test
      • blueprints representing component release work should contain work items related to the release activity (packaging and testing)
      • Preparation for LC in Orlando should be underway information is available here:

      • Call info was confusing for some - info should be updated now on the wiki and the invitation
      • Retrospective meeting was set for 31.Aug.2011

Team Work - Summary

Current Weekly Report

Complete History

Team Work - Detailed

Alexandros Frantzis (alf)

  • glmark2
    • Finished port to Android \o/.
    • Waiting for android team to integrate in default builds.
  • glcompbench
    • Trying to figure out best way to use double buffering to avoid flickering with xrender/pixman

Chunsang Jeong (chunsang)

  • DMA-mapping API
    • Reserved a git for consolidating DMA-mapping patches.
      • git://
    • Will have dma-mapping+IOMMU and dma-mapping+dma_map_ops branches first as Marek guided.
  • Perf events for GPU
    • Updated Mali kernel driver, released at Jul 17th from
      • git://
      • For Mali X11 driver git://
    • Verified Mali user/kernel driver with Sample 3D application with linux-linaro-3.0.
    • Summarizing newly added perf events with instrumented mode and MALI_STATE_TRACKING.

Shariq Hasnain (shariqHa)

  • ES support to GLEW:
    • Made EGL support optional. application can use their version of egl.h instead of eglew.h provided in the glew lib.
    • Making generic glew lib i.e. all the OpenGL and ES versions are present together.
  • DMA mapping APIs:
    • Went through IOMMU APIs docs of Samsung.
    • In discusssion with Marek for deciding work items for 2011.09.
    • Going through Marek patches.

Travis Watkins (Amaranth)

  • upgraded panda to oneiric
    • after lots of trouble actually got X back
    • no hardware acceleration anymore, need to investigate what changed in X
  • created merge proposal for compiz, still no review on it
    • Sam says he will start once he finishes going through his other MPs
  • tried to setup easier way for others to get plugins-main gles branch
    • blocked on permissions issues on compiz git server, being looked at
  • updated compiz, nux, and unity to latest code to prepare for release
    • unity needs additional porting work for new blur code
  • starting working on additional tests for glcompbench (NOK_texture_from_pixmap, NV_copy_sub_buffer tests)

Sumit Semwal (sumits)

Marc Ordinas i Llopis (marcoil)

  • Added the pulsar screensaver as a scene to glmark2.

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