• Action items from last meeting.
  • Linaro Connect 2011Q4

Action Items

  • [ACTION] Summit to probe to the list for any further comments on the original buffer-object sharing RFC

Action Items from Previous Meeting

  • [ALL] Blueprints to be populated for 11.09 (DONE)


  • 1109 blueprints:
    • Update on the process changes - backlog management and moving to absorbing roadmap items for planning of the work in a quarter. Backlog maintained as a number of blueprints targetted at a milestone in the active series of a project. The milestone can be called "backlog" and the blueprints will contain work items enough for a month's effort for each blueprint.
    • glproxy items for glcompbench blueprint refined for 1109 (, spec also to be fleshed out. GLProxy to be released as a component in 1109.

    • DMA mapping work-split amongst Chunsang and Shariq. There may be a limitation on how much discrete sharing can happen from Marek at the moment. We can talk about what is being worked on to make sure we do not have any overlap - one thing to do is to mark any work items that Marek is working on with his LP id.
    • Regarding work for linaro-mm-sig: Jesse is setting a git tree for the patches which exist eg the CMA patchset. Jesse will host also other patches in that tree, such as the dma-ops.
      • KMS blueprint is updated
      • Buffer-sharing object - blueprint updated. [ACTION] Summit to probe to the list for any further comments on the original buffer-object sharing RFC
    • Compiz/Nux/Unity - discussion ongoing for 1109, Nux and Unity should be possible to appear in an Oneiric evaluation build (nux patches still pending review from upstream side)

Team Work - Summary

Current Weekly Report

Complete History

Team Work - Detailed

Alexandros Frantzis (alf)

  • glmark2
    • Reviewed and merged new benchmark (pulsar) from Marc.
    • Added custom dist build system command that preserves symbolic links.
    • Released 2011.08 tarball and packages.
    • Validated packages on latest Ubuntu/LEB and Android/LEB.
  • glcompbench
    • Fixed flickering issues in the XRender canvas/test.
    • Released 2011.08 tarball and packages.
    • Validated packages on latest Ubuntu/LEB.

Chunsang Jeong (chunsang)

  • DMA-mapping API
    • Tracing mm-sig mailing list and newly added patches.
    • Will have dma-mapping+IOMMU and dma-mapping+dma_map_ops branches after Marek finishes updating his patches to v3.1-rcX version.
  • Perf events for GPU
    • Debugging the latest Mali user space driver compiling error.
      • Failed several assembly files when complied with vfp for neon option (newly added.)
    • Still summarizing newly added perf events with instrumented mode and MALI_STATE_TRACKING.

Shariq Hasnain (shariqHa)

  • DMA-mapping APIs
    • Tracking Marek patches on CMA.
    • Discussion with Marek regarding work items. He has suggested modification in dma_map_ops structure. Also discussion on work regarding DMA-IOMMU integration.

Travis Watkins (Amaranth)

  • got panda up and running again on natty-based image
  • starting working on updating latest unity to gles, will make merge proposal afterward
  • made 2011.08 release of compiz and compiz-plugins-main

Sumit Semwal (sumits)

  • Was on vacation: nothing new to report.

Marc Ordinas i Llopis (marcoil)

  • Started looking at glproxy.

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