• Action items from last meeting.
  • Profiling/benchmark visualization update.
  • Unity-related (Unity/nux/compiz) retrospective.

Action Items

  • To be added.

Action Items from Previous Meeting

  • [ACTION] Everyone to think about experiences with the 2011.08 component releases (and any follow-on work required for integration into the overall Linaro release) and bring input for improving the process.
  • [ACTION] Summit to probe to the list for any further comments on the original buffer-object sharing RFC (DONE - thread starts in


  • On vacation: Alexandros, Marc, Sumit, Shariq
  • Profiling visualisation update - Jesse synchronized with plars and zyga on what we want to have for benchmark results, in the initial version. Jesse has hashed out what we want and how to leverage what they are doing (zyga has a BP on that). Alexandros will review and take it further. For deeper tasks like the perf events which chunsang is working on that will need to wait for more details before doing any benchmarking work
  • Unity related retrospective:
    • Interface changes between natty and oneiric - in order for the work we have done to be accepted in upstream we need to make those patches suitable for the environment worked on now at the Ubutntu side which is oneiric. But our LEBs are based on natty.
    • To make the situation a bit more complicated there is code in the oneiric development tree which are not yet upstream.
    • So if we'd like to satisfy all fronts we would need to keep 3 lines active: natty, oneiric and upstream. For most groups we have to deal with Upstream and downstream - for unity/nux/compiz we have 2 downstreams at the same time (Ubuntu and LEB) and then we have to prioritize which downstream is more important.
      • Planning the work should consider at the least: 1 week of development, 1 week for testing, 1 week for rebase activities when pushing work to the LEB on a monthly basis.
      • For downstream integration we need to manage the communication better, so if we are pushing changes to downstream we should communicate better to handle the feedback for the pushed content. Downstream consumers should also be more proactive in handling our pushed content, as well as pushing their content to upstream.
  • Options:
    • do everything twice (natty and oneiric) + pushing items upstream, or
    • just keep moving on oneiric and together with Ubuntu side manage the upstreaming process.
      • How much of a headache are we having because the code is not upstream yet? Because we are still carrying all the work that we've ever done out of what we have done with upstream, that causes an increase of work. We are forced to revisit changes since the oneiric development does not push much to upstream, which is our basis
  • Decisions:
    • Communication is now been handled through weekly calls with Upstream maintainers and the Ubuntu downstream team (Oneiric) to handle the expectation and manage the upstreaming expectations and actions needed from our side. Meeting (call) is now scheduled on a weekly basis plus channel on freenode. This will also help giving us a heads up on what to expect coming from the Ubuntu side. There is no automatic way to do dry-runs on merges from upstream on a regular basis and check what collisions we may need to expect other than the engineer level rebase effort.
    • How to deal with the Linaro downstream. With regards to the LEBs stability should be the guideline, so we should avoid pushing code to LEBs when there are API breakages. We also need a cut-off period to discard any patches which cause too much of instability for the stable release. So we are making a discrete call to move the main focus of our releases from natty EBs to oneiric development images. We should start pushing changes through the CI for the development images in order to verify what is breaking in the development release (though we should check what functional tests could be run). We also will have images produced against the Ubuntu development release which could be used as a fallback for validating code which brings in many changes. Ideally when oneiric becomes upstream the work will be basically consisting of making a patch for upstream and backporting it. Once we have the latest Ubuntu release where there is evidence of not many items changing after that point then the LEB will also switch to use Oneiric - switch process will start happening 11.10.
    • Dealing with bugs for any components which are not worked upon (eg as those which are part of the natty-based LEBs) will be treated on a case by case basis.

Team Work - Summary

Current Weekly Report

Complete History

Team Work - Detailed

Alexandros Frantzis (alf)

Chunsang Jeong (chunsang)

  • DMA-mapping API
    • Merged dma-mapping+IOMMU patches from Marek to
      • git://
  • Perf events for GPU
    • Verified that the latest Mali (r2p2-03rel) has timing information for GP and PP, which can be saved as a file with MALI_STATE_TRACKING option.
    • For the first step, user can get perf information by reading the "dumped" file.
  • Etc
    • Had a vacation from Aug 24 ~ 26.

Shariq Hasnain (shariqHa)

Travis Watkins (Amaranth)

  • Killed panda board, new one ordered :(

  • Pushed updates of compiz, nux, and unity
    • unity not working, seems to be FBO issues (port isn't quite 100%)

Sumit Semwal (sumits)

Marc Ordinas i Llopis (marcoil)

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