• past action items
  • IRC / Email
  • Status reporting
  • Hacking Sessions & Hardware

  • Dublin - Next week!
    • Sessions
      • Common Display Framework
        • Laurent, Vikas and Show
      • aarch64 Graphics Stack
        • Ragesh, Sumit and Tom
      • Experience Report: OpenCL on ARM
        • Sumit & Tom

      • hwcomposer hal implementation on KMS
        • Ross
    • Demos
      • CDF - Vikas & Show

      • aarch64 gfx stack - Ragesh, Sumit and Tom
    • Hacking Goals
  • AOB

Action Items

  • session speakers - check zerista to validate the session description is correct
  • Demo owners - tgall to send poster template
  • Demo owners - tgall to send poster template, fill in template and return to akgraner
  • Enter your information inside of zerista so I can mark those who are speakers as speakers

Action Items from Previous Meeting

  • Vikas & Showliu discuss session and demo

  • Sumits and tgall to meet about OpenCL session
  • rageshr tgall & sumits to meet about 64 bit gfx session

  • Due in a couple weeks : list of interesting wiki pages. Ideally will be collected by subject matter for use either on main GWG wiki page or akin
  • For those that have a blog or start a blog, please send tgall a link.



Good shape

Needs Work

Close out Review or Candidate for Close out

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