Team Highlights

  • 11.06 release done, great thanks to all! Especially for his prompt Launchpad help, thanks to Alexandros!
  • Planning for 11.07 in place. Milestone pages created, blueprints associated, work ongoing. Team aware of the freeze and release candidate created on the 21st July. See the planned release content from Graphics in

  • Preparation for Connect ongoing. Discussed the need for HW to be available during Connect in order to allow people to travel without a multitude of bare boards through customs services
  • Other highlights
    • GLEW patches have been submitted upstream, Shariq is discussing with the maintainer for the revisions to be made.
    • Android targets: Alexandros is in contact with Jim Huang from 0xbench - trying to see if the benchmarking work which Alexandros has been busy with can be folded into 0xbench. glmark2 seems to be a good candidate. Discussion is ongoing
    • ARMHF benchmarking for graphics was also discussed, if nothing else such work would provide also HF builds of the benchmarking packages we have in Graphics. Discussion ongoing, perhaps this is something to explore further during Linaro Connect
    • Memory management has seen a different kind of communication on the lists this week, where even the words "revulsion", "hate" etc have given a different colour to the discussion. We are working to drive the solutions safely ahead, addressing stakeholder concerns on the way. One question would be whether inviting Russell King to Linaro Connect would provide a way to talk face to face about all the challenges.

Upcoming Deliverables


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