Place: #linaro-meeting on irc.linaro.org or irc.freenode.net

  • Time: Tuesday at 1300 UTC


Standing Agenda

 * [TOPIC] Review Actions
 * [TOPIC] Review Team Status
 * [TOPIC] New Business


 * mru: check with cyang about the BP for the libpng on Android (cyang was working on the Android PNG ? Which blueprint? Is there need to work on this from MMWG?) - DONE, blueprint is handled on the Android team, and supersedes the one we have in MMWG
 * ibiris: prepare Launchpad projects for the move to use "trunk" series - DONE
   * Created trunk series where there was none, moved the backlog milestone of all projects to trunk, awaiting for 11.11 to happen so that trunk becomes the active series, updated the status.linaro.org configuration
 * ibiris: to find a way to hide the linaro-hackfest-gfx-mm-* blueprints from normal views
   * DONE : apparently there is no easy way to hide those blueprints, unless they are implemented. A possible filter all of us can use to check blueprints ASSIGNED to each of us is in the form of the URL: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/~LPUSERNAME/+specs?role=assignee. Please replace LPUSERNAME in the URL with your Launchpad username for example: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/~kurt-r-taylor/+specs?role=assignee shows the blueprints currently assigned to Kurt.
 * kanh: talk to rsalveti about https://blueprints.launchpad.net/linaro-ubuntu/+spec/package-xmbc-for-ubuntu-and-leb DONE
 * ibiris: to add missing blueprints (with mru's guidance) for the projects mentioned in https://wiki.linaro.org/WorkingGroups/Middleware/Multimedia/NeonStatus

Team Work - Status Summary

Benjamin Gaignard (benjiG)

  • try to start ICS on snowball from Linaro release
  • continu working on CMA LAVA test suite

Bryan Honza (bryanh)

Kan Hu (kanh)

  • check XBMC for video render part
  • setup linaro 11.11 release on i.MX53 for compile XBMC

Kurt Taylor (krtaylor)

Mans Rullgard (mru)

Rony Nandy (ronynandy)

  • Work setup of Android for Origen for Speex porting
  • LAVA related analysis for Speex.
  • MM WG PoC standby.

Feng "Wayne" Wei (wei_feng)

  • build up i.mx53 11.11 image
  • test ucm4pa on 11.11, it's ok

Rob Clark (robclark)

Tom Gall (tgall_foo or Dr_Who)

  • vacation
  • libjpeg-turbo
    • rebuild in PPA complete. non-NEON performance numbers gathered. Results sent to doko, list copied.

Meeting Minutes


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