Agenda for Linaro sprint rally Jan 10th - Jan 15th 2011

  1. Discussion on Standarisation of Physically contiguous Memory Allocation interface

    1. Discuss with kernel working group the possibilty of having standard driver/interface for physically contiguous memory allocation
  2. Discussion on Gstreamer egl rendering sink

    1. Single sink based on v4l2,egl,xvideo vs standalon sinks based on v4l2,egl,xvideo
  3. Discussion on multimedia architectures of different vendors

    1. what different vendors use v4l2 for
    2. omx support from different vendors
    3. gstreamer plugins for hw accelerated codecs and rendering
    4. Camera stacks for different vendors
    5. Discussion on standardisation
  4. DS5 installation session for Kan,Mandeep and Rony

  5. Discussion with Power management working group on power efficiency aspects of codec optimisations ( Kan,Mandeep,Rony)

  6. Discussion on which toolkit/framework to use for graphical visualisation of instrumented player and metrics gathering application

  7. Pulseaudio low power (Kurt)
    1. Hack pulseaudio for static buffer size at max
    2. Work with power mode experts to compare power usage
    3. Start plan for defining heuristic in arm optimization
    4. Replicate laptop build environment on omap hardware

Notes from 1st day of Rally (Monday - 10th Jan,11)

  • Benjamin was not able to reach Dallas due to his flight cancellation. Hopefully will be here tomorrow (Tuesday).
  • Identified actions for each individual for the week. Try to achieve few tasks this week and made a list of it. This was discussed and agreed with Individual and got consensus for achieving it during the week.
  • Identified few of the dependency from other groups also which need to be resolved this week.
  • Identified few of board related tasks to be executed this week.
  • All topics identified above for individual are listed below which is planned to be complete this week:-
  • Rony
    • Setup DS5 with the help of ARM and other team members. This will also be used by other team members of MM working group (Mandeep and Kan Hu).
    • Get DS5 license from ARM and set it up for its use.
    • Run profiler tool on ORION (Samsung) board to try out and check all its features.
    • Discuss with Power management group and check how "optimization of VP8" can really add value for system power optimization.
  • Mandeep
    • Build up project in DS5
    • RUN JPEG decoder on other boards (u8500/ORION) and compare results
    • Need to upstream code developed upto NOW to Linaro server.
    • Identify the hotspot which needs optimization (preferably using O profiler).
    • Try to RUN Lib JPEG TURBO encoder (coming from MeeGo) and check its performance over ORION board.

  • Sudip
    • Fetch data from perf tool and append it to suit Matrix suit which display data in graphical form.
    • Perf. data packing in a form which is easily injectable to matrix suit.
    • Plotting graph based on continuous data coming from perf tool.
    • Upload source code to GIT repo. of Linaro
  • Kurt
    • Increase the size of decoded buffer (from pulse audio) to put ARM in sleep mode. Eventually this should save ARM power making decoder free from decoding and DMA transferring data to audio codec.
  • Kan Hu
    • Upstream source code developed upto NOW
    • Help setup DS5 O profiler to Rony and Mandeep
  • Benjamin
    • Finalize zerocopy proposal
    • share prototype for zero copy

10th Jan,11 achievements

  • Sachin and Rob
    • Sachin and Rob finalized camera properties which need to be supported by Camera bin.
    • Additional features will be discussed tomorrow.
  • Rony
    • DS5 license is being followed up
    • DS5 installed but license issue is still pending
  • Kan
    • DS5 installed
    • Studying profiler tool of DS5 "streamline base camp"
    • Need Monitor for tomorrow setup
  • Kurt
    • Discussion with power debug and power talk. Installed power talk and seems good tool.
    • Pulse audio is building and hacking ongoing
    • Need to discuss with Nokia guys to clarify few technical queries
  • Rob
    • Already reported
  • Jian
    • Finalized spec for GST EGL sync and its design
    • Build GST-EGL package and successfully run on Ubuntu laptop
  • Sudip
    • source code complete for sending data from client app. to matrix suite
    • Validation of same ongoing
  • Mandeep
    • Left early in 2nd half of day

11th Jan,2011 achievements

  • Mandeep
    • Installed DS5 and created project "hello word" and not compiling
    • Mail sent to ARM for support also checked various options but did not work
    • Had discussion with power mgmt "how NEON plays role in power mgmt".
  • Kurt
    • Solved lot of environment problems
    • RUN some power test using power top.
    • Buffer size is already optimized for 21 sec playback buffer size
  • Rony
    • DS5 installed and plug-in integrated and investigations are ON
    • Good discussion with power mgmt group
  • Rob + Sachin
    • Auto plug-in of camera source finalized
    • Tag event to be used for thumb nail
    • Based on soc vendor camera source need to be developed by soc vendor.
  • Benjamin
    • Zero cpy and its prototype study started
  • Kan Hu
    • Attended landing team meeting of FreeScale

    • Build kernel with O profiles
  • Jian
    • Joined landing team meeting
    • Implementation of EGL image sync ongoing and checked code of X image sync
  • Sudip
    • Could make interactive plotting which means rendering and data collection is happening run time

12th Jan,2011 achievements

  • Mandeep
    • DS5 installation complete (Eval license done)
    • Example package installation for DS5
    • Booting linux on ARM simulator
    • Profiled JPEG 8b NEON optimizations on IMX51, OMAP4, U8500 and still trying for ORION
    • Performance improvement is in between 22% to 36% for different platforms using 12MPix of image.
    • Mandeep to share data by mail - Action
    • O profile installed but not used
  • Rob
    • Auto color video converter started
    • Need to make option in which check if HW overlay supported or not. If not will go back to SW overlay for rendering.
  • Benjamin
    • Setup development environment to develop everything on board
    • Working to improve zero copy implementation
  • Jian
    • Prepared project to support hybrid sync
    • EGL image sync hack is ongoing
  • Kan Hu
    • Setup board as a development environment
    • Freescale has tool which allows to configure to build image for user space or kernel
  • Sudip
    • Studied perf tool and code for transferring data from target to metrix tool
  • Kurt
    • Finished documentation for build environment
    • Fixed all status on BP
    • Trying out complete environment of board and making progress

13th Jan,2011 achievements

  • Rony
    • DS5 task is complete which means installed and license issues resolved.
    • O Profile in progress and trying over panda board
    • ORION board is not usable for profiling due to mismatch of file system and therefore using panda boards.
  • Kurt
    • Pulse audio environment setup complete over panda board
    • Tomorrow to complete buffer size increase
  • Mandeep
    • ORION board is not usable
    • RUN Oprofile on IMX51 for lib JPEG 8b NEON optimized
    • Found hot spot and most of time going in IDCT implementation.
    • MeeGo addition of lib Jpeb turbo (6b) is also complied over Ubuntu and ported & measured performance which seems same as NEON optimized being used in android.

  • Benjamin
    • Complete sequence diagram for GST-OMX for all zero copy for decoder/encoder without source/sink sync
    • Need to update over WiKi and share with Collabra

    • Jian
  • Success created EGL context but through gallium driver
    • Need to create function to crate EGL image sync and filled mesa with latest source pack
  • Kan Hu
    • Setup panda board and need to setup Oprofiler
    • Need new tool chain 4.5.5 which is more optimized for NEON
  • Sudip
    • Developing per data manager to define water mark level
    • Work items for 11.01 is complete

Past Topics

  • none

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