Things to bring with you

  • For the hacking sessions, please bring:
    • Board to work on (panda, snowball, quickstart, origen, etc.) along with necessary peripherals (mmc/sd cards, power cables, usb cables, serial cables, etc.)
    • Laptop with Linux installed and setup to compile kernels
    • Debugging infrastructure if required (e.g. JTAG)
    • Reference manual/Data sheets for SoC

Things that will be provided

  • Good technical discussions
  • Your choice of caffeine :)

  • An intense week

Discussion Sessions

Review status of Thermal management

Baby Steps Towards True big.LITTLE Multiprocessing

Power saving through multi-core management

Review status of common struct clock

Status of cpuidle common code + future

Scheduler mini-summit

  • Responsible: Paul McKenney, Vincent Guittot, Amit Kucheria

Day 1 - session 1

Day 1 - session 2

Day 2 - session 1

Day 2 - session 2

Hacking Sessions

In the afternoons, we'll be hacking on the following topics in our team room. Come find us.

Thermal Management

  • Responsible: Amit Kachhap
  • Target
    • Consolidate git tree containing:
      • Enhancements to thermal framework
      • Thermal sensor drivers on Freescale (Rob) and Samsung Platforms adapted to above enhancements
      • Try to get OMAP (Dave Long) and ST-E drivers (Vincet) fixed too
    • Get kernel bits all integrated into Linaro kernel
    • Automated script that can run in LAVA on Android and Ubuntu LEBs to exercise thermal management
    • Demo!

Common struct clock

  • Responsible: Mike Turquette
  • Target
    • v5 patchset posted to list (hopefully before Connect)
    • Work on finishing up OMAP and i.MX5/6 ports to v5 with Shawn
    • Help other platforms come up to speed on common clock (LTs to appoint engineers)
    • Devfreq?
    • Perhaps do special Linaro builds with and without Common Clock to run through LAVA?

cpuidle consolidation, cleanup, HW enablement

  • Responsible: Rob Lee
  • Target
    • Host a git tree with with latest version of patches
    • Include ST-E WFI driver from Daniel Lezcano into tree for next submission
    • Define how cpuidle would work with pm-qos and device idle states with Mike Turquette


  • Responsible: Vincent Guittot
  • Target
    • Post sched_mc optimisations for single package ARM cores (Cortex-A9)
    • Demo key findings to scheduler maintainers
    • Demo scheduler debugging tools?


  • Responsible: Dmitry Antipov
  • Target
    • Send out next revisions of various hrtimers patches
    • Finish writing up a test case for hrtimer testing

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