Intro to runtime PM

  • _get and _put calls in the driver, SoC-specific runtime PM implementation handles clock/regulators, state of device (clock gate, power gated etc)
  • soc specific implementation is required to detect if it's needed to restore context
  • pessr device QoS constraint must be used to set the tageted idle level (clock gated, power gated...)
  • pm runtime can be used to do much more than just clock and regulator enable/disable
  • 'pm domain' is a solution to group devices in another way than just child/parent relationship
  • pm domain and bus are exclusive
  • With pm domain, you must call explicitly device's callbacks
  • With generic platform bus, it's called automatically
  • Suspend is only a special case of runtime_pm. The simple way is: During device suspend, you stop all driver's activity so the driver will put the device which will be suspended by pm_runtime
    • the only issue could be pm_runtime_put/get_noresume/suspend

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