Information and tools for thermal testing

1)Turn cpu utilization to 100%

Git repository: git:// master

File to check: heat_cpu.c

Current version is version .5. Just runs a bunch of C integer and floating calculations. Provides no optimized assembly.

Workloads run in IDLE scheduler context to allow other SoC heating programs to fully run also (GPUI and VPU thermal test programs, etc.)

how to build on target: make

how to build on host for target: make CROSS_COMPILE=<insert your cross compiler prefix>

To test this program is working properly on your device:

1. sudo apt-get install sysstat

2. In one terminal run "sar -u 2 -P ALL"

3. In another terminal run ./heat_cpu

You should see all CPUs at near 100% load.

2)Automate Thermal measurement

Git repository: git:// master

File to check:

The above script runs in both android and native filesystem. In android, this invokes the 3D based application glmark2 application repeatedly and also runs the cpu intensive binary cpu_heat with slight low priority. In native filesystem cpu_heat is executed in busy looping.


Glmark2 application, busybox, Above heat_cpu binary

Execute as:

sh 100

Output as:


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