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We will track each of the topics in separate topic branches. Merging two or more branches will give us a working solution while still keeping the patchsets separate for easier mainlining.

  • master
    • Always tracks Linus' tip/HEAD
  • topic-*
    • Topics that we in the PMWG care about and work on. These include sched_mc, hotplug, cpuidle, dvfs, thermal, etc. We'll additionally separate these topic branches by SoC where applicable - so thermal-omap and thermal-exonys will be separate branches.
  • tracking-*
    • These branches track work being done by others upstream or inside Linaro. We'll use these branches to build up on. These will explicitly have to be requested by the person working on a topic. e.g. if OMAP thermal work requires 4460 support, we'll create a tracking branch for 4460 support being maintained already by the TI landing team and only maintain the thermal patches ourselves.

Branch refresh policy

Expectation is to follow Linus' -rcX releases closely. However, for WIP features, we'll probably wait until -rc2 or 3 to skip the churn and then start tracking again.


Linaro enablement

Based on agreed monthly deliverables, various topic branches will be offered to Nico and John Stultz for integration into their Linaro kernels for Ubuntu and Android respectively.


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