Andrew Stubbs

  • Committed Kazu's VFP testcases patch upstream.
  • Merged the latest from upstream GCC 4.6.
  • Merged all the outstanding launchpad merge requests against both GCC 4.5 and 4.6.
  • Spun the 4.5-2011.03-0 and 4.6-2011.03-0 releases. Passed the tarballs to Michael H for final testing.
  • Brought the patch tracker up to date w.r.t. to new merges.
  • Posted one of Dan's patches upstream for review.
  • Decided to drop Julian's A8 alignment patch completely. I had previously discovered it provided no measurable benefit on A8, and now I've found the same for A9 (Pandaboard). There's no real improvement for any combination of -falign-* options in EEMBC.
  • Bernd's "Discourage NEON on A8" patch also doesn't show any value in the benchmark results, but I think I've forward ported it wrong, because it should at least change the binary size, and it doesn't. I need to look into this further.
  • I also decided I don't know enough about ARMv7, so I spent some time reading a few chapters from the ARM A.R.M.

Chung-Lin Tang

  • Launchpad #711819 / PR47719: ARM minipool ICE. Followed up on discussion with Bernd and Ramana. Later posted discussion results on gcc-patches, where Richard Earnshaw took it over with a final fix.
  • Coremark ARMv7/v6 regressions: mostly pinpointed the exact cases where RTL simplification fails to optimize away ZERO_EXTEND expressions. Still working on how to enhance it.

Dave Gilbert

  • Investigated and fixed sqlite3 testsuite failure on ARM (bug 725052)
  • Discussing libffi API changes with maintainer; hopefully he's going to send out his comments today.
  • Looking at how to upstream the string routine changes
  • Need to look at big endian testing
  • Testing QEmu pre-release for Peter; looking very nice.

Ira Rosen

Ken Werner


  • upgraded my ARM dev environment from Ubuntu to Linaro snapshot (20110303)
  • found another kernel bug on the panda (#728565)


  • resolved build issues on ARM (when using the linaro snapshot)
    • allows the testsuite to work with linkers that do not pull in indirect shared libs
    • fix build of the test-static-link test case on ARM
    • link against libunwind-elf
  • posted some first patches on the libunwind ml
  • learned about the Exception Handling ABI for the ARM Architecture

Marcin Juszkiewicz

Michael Hope

Mounir Bsaibes

  • Compiled activity reports
  • Attended release meeting and Stakeholder meeting
  • Followed up on status tool bug, not picking up bugs as Work Items, not it is fixed.
  • Created a script to download and install images automatically the scripts is oneClickImage shared it with James and Jamie
  • Followed up and gor approval for IBM travel to Budapest

Peter Maydell


  • preparation and test for next week's qemu-linaro 2011-03 release
  • put in a temporary fix for bug 723630 (apt/glibc now try prlimit64
    • syscall, so silence qemu warnings about not implementing it)
  • investigated qemu warnings about bad 16 bit writes: this is a

vexpress model

  • sent vexpress patches upstream, put into qemu-linaro



  • meetings: toolchain, standup, architecture q&a, pdsw-tools, team brief

Ramana Radhakrishnan


  • Setting up a new machine that I received for Linaro work.
  • Spent some time reviewing upstream patches. Spent some time on the P1 PR47719 upstream to get this fixed .
  • Starting to read up on the benchmarking report and recreating the environments.
  • Looked through some of the speed tickets to have a look through and spend some time on it.
  • Put in a hardware request for a Panda board.

Revital Eres

  • Testing the patch for SMS to support targets that their doloop part is not decoupled from the rest of the loop's instructions, as SMS currently requires.
  • The testing includes bootstrapping on ARM machines for c language configured w and w\o --with-arch=armv7-a options and using"-O2
  • fmodulo-sched -fmodulo-sched-allow-regmoves -fno-auto-inc-dec
  • funsafe-math-optimizations -mthumb" flags.

Richard Sandiford

This week

* Submitted the fix for the Qt miscompilation upstream. Applied after approval.

* Submitted a patch for the Thumb LDR problem that Dave Martin hit. This was rejected.

* Ended up spending a few days on the "unreasonable amount of memory while compiling qemu" bug due to unfamiilarity with the DWARF 2 code. I realise the original idea was that I'd just file this upstream, but it was one of those cases where I kept finding out more info for the bug report until the problem became obvious.

  • I've now submitted two patches for this upstream. The first was trivial and is now in. I was asked to add a bit of extra code to the second, which I hope to do next week.

* Looked at the MIPS bug that was reported against the Linaro toolchain.

  • This turned out to be a problem in our extension elimination pass. Submitted a merge request for that.

* Got confirmation from ARM that we should use relocation number 160 for R_ARM_IRELATIVE, and that it was OK to make the changes public

  • (thanks!). I've now submitted the binutils patches upstream. I'll do the eglibc ones when I get back.

Ulrich Weigand


  • Committed fix for the GDB part of #620611 (Unable to backtrace out of vector page 0xffff0000) to mainline and Linaro GDB 7.2.
  • Ran into GDB crashes due to memory corruption in tests involving multiple inferiors. Tracked down root cause (using valgrind) to long-standing double free bug in GDB terminal state handling code. Committed fix to mainline and Linaro GDB 7.2.
  • While using valgrind (see above), ran into problems:
    • ptrace system call is unsupported on ARM
    • certain variants of the "SUB from SP" Thumb-2 instruction are not handled by the VEX compiler Fixed both problems locally, and was then able to successfully valgrind GDB on ARM.
  • Created Linaro GDB 7.2-2011.03-0 release.
  • Worked on glibc patch to add ARM unwind tables to system call stubs; this will help unwinding in the absence of debug info for libc, and in particular fix #684218 (Failures in gdb.base/call-signal-resume.exp)

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