Andrew Stubbs

  • Committed Dan's RVCT interoperation patch, both upstream and to Linaro GCC 4.6.
  • Adjusted Benrd's "Discourage NEON on Cortex-A8" patch following Richard Earnshaw's comments, and reposted upstream. The new version was approved, and committed. I've also submitted a merge proposal to Linaro GCC 4.6.
  • Dropped Tom's patch for marking smalls strings read-only. This optimization seems to have no visible effect for ARM in GCC 4.6. I'll leave it it to Tom to forward-port, if it's still meaningful for MIPS.
  • Julian has committed the patch for lp:675347, so I've submitted merge requests to both Linaro GCC 4.5 and 4.6.
  • Bernd has posted the shrink wrapping patches upstream. I've posted this info in all the relevant Linaro tracking tickets.
  • Talked Revital Eres through the Bazaar/Launchpad merge request system.
  • Tried to understand why GCC 4.6 does not use multiply-and-accumulate efficiently, when used with 64-bit values. It seems that the compiler sometimes uses (subreg:SI (reg:DI ...)) and sometimes just uses a plain (reg:SI ..) and those don't combine to give useful patterns, but I haven't got to the bottom of it yet.
  • Tested an FSF GCC 4.6 snapshot from the 23rd. All well, so I've merged it to the Linaro GCC 4.6 branch.

Chung-Lin Tang

  • PR46934: Thumb-1 ICE, small fix in the "casesi" jump-table expand code. Quickly approved and committed upstream.
  • Enhance XOR patch for gcc/simplify-rtx.c. Updated comments and committed upstream.
  • PR48250 / CS Issue #9845 / Launchpad #723185. Unaligned DImode reload under NEON. Submitted patch upstream, but still need to do some more verification that older pre-ARMv5TE cases are safe. Should complete this week.
  • Working on a type of ICE seen currently on upstream trunk, a few testcases failing under '-O3 -g'. It seems VTA related, but also might have something to do with register elimination not fully done for (var_location (entry_value ...)) expressions, leaving [afp+#num] memory addresses existing in debug insns after reload. Still investigating.
  • Launchpad #689887, ICE in get_arm_condition_code(). Pushed a merge request to Linaro 4.5 for this patch. Also another LP#742961 appeared as another case of this ICE...
  • Still working on (what I think should be) the last of the CoreMark ARMv6 regressions. The problem is to combine uxtb+cmp into ands #255. This could be done by adding (set (cc) (compare (zero_extend...))) patterns, implemented by ands assembly, but still looking if this can be done (probably more elegantly) by something like CANONICALIZE_COMPARISON (replacing compare operands) in the ARM backend.

  • Launchpad #736007, ICE immed_double_const under -mfpu=neon -g. Some discussion on gcc-patches about this, still unclear on what should be done...

This week

  • Push forward on above issues.

Dave Gilbert

String routines

  • Wrote a thumb optimised strchr
  • Wrote a neon-memcpy
    • As previously found with memset, it performs well on A8 but poorly on A9 - it does however do the case where the source/destination isn't aligned quite well even on A9 ; the vld1 unaligned case works with relatively little penalty.
      • (it performs comparably to the Bionic implementation - mine is a bit faster on shorter calls, Bionic is better on longer uses - I think that's because they've got some careful use of preloads where I have so far got none).

Ira Rosen

  • resubmitted and committed store sink patch to trunk, I'll commit it to gcc-linaro-4.6 next week
  • submitted autodetection of vector size patch to gcc-patches, I'l commit it next week
  • started testing a patch that makes mvectorize-with-neon-quad the default
  • DenBench: found some more cases where vectorization of strided accesses using vzip/vuzp causes degradation. Since Richard is making a lot of progress with vlsd/vst, I think it doesn't make sense to spend too much time on vzip/vuzp, and I am going to run DenBench without this patch.

Ken Werner


  • modified the extbtl-parser to operate on the DWARF model directly
    • this adds support for unwinding call stacks with mixed (DWARF and extbl) frames on ARM
  • did a few other fixes and cleanups
  • posted the patches on the libunwind ml
  • set up a tree on
  • attended a class on friday

Marcin Juszkiewicz

Michael Hope

Mounir Bsaibes

  • Sent an OpenProj file to Michael Hope as an example of how we could view and balance resource assignment and tract development using OpenProject.

  • Sent the xml mapping to the above example to examine how we can create an xml files from blueprints and Work Items, to generate the OpenProj project automatically.

Peter Maydell


  • benchmarking/testing of the TCG locking fix: oddly benchmarks seem to come out with less slowdown (1% or less) than a system mode bootup/shutdown. (I used scimark and dhrystone. scimark is the same speed, which is to be expected because we spend all
    • our time doing floating point emulation. I was expecting a bigger perf hit on dhrystone, though.)
  • submitted patches to make qemu fail cleanly if you ask for more RAM
    • than a board supports


  • tested the Neon element load/store instructions; wrote patches to fix UNDEF handling (which are blocked waiting for the patch pipeline to be drained) and confirmed there aren't any other bugs. There is a meego patch to use helper functions for multi-element load/store which is apparently to avoid overflowing a TCG buffer: need to test and upstream this.
  • investigated android qemu tree for any missing correctness fixes: looking through the changelog I think we have fixes upstream for everything that was fixed in the android tree. == other ==
  • patch: fix versatilepb/realview handling of multiple nic options
  • patch: better diagnosis of more nics requested than board supports [this is needed to get the vexpress patch committed]
  • reviewed a patch to add ARMv4/v4T support to qemu (mostly consists of making sure we UNDEF in the right places)
  • meetings: toolchain, standup, pdsw-tools, 1-2-1
  • qemu patch status is tracked here:

Ramana Radhakrishnan


  • Investigated excessive VFP moves . Investigating ways forward.
  • Went through some of the test results with 4.6 RC2 upstream - looking through test results etc.
  • Setup SPEC2k6 cross on my Linaro machine.
  • Waiting for my new Panda board sometime next week.
  • Some small bug fixes upstream. Need to rework a couple of documentation patches after review.


  • Continue looking at excessive VFP moves.
  • Continue to look at some patches upstream.
  • Finish working through Thumb2 speed tickets.
  • Set up new Panda board.
  • Start looking at DENBench results and identify potential speed up areas.

Revital Eres

  • Implemented a patch to apply SMS in the presence of instructions with REG_INC_NOTE. (this occurs in telecom/autocor thus SMS needs to be run with -fno-auto-inc-dec flag to be applied)
  • Sent a merge request to gcc-linaro for the SMS patches. Thanks to Andrew Stubbs for his help.

  • I intend to send a request to gcc-linaro.4.6 as well.

Richard Sandiford

  • Moved the discussion about the RTL and gimple representation of strided loads/stores to the gcc@ list. Got some good feedback:

  • Started a subdiscussion about the handling of modes: This is a tricky one. I'll add more fuel to the fire next week.

  • Committed two GCC patches to clean up the expand interface. Dealt with the fallout (some expected, but unfortunately some not).
  • Submitted two of the patches to improve code generation for strided load/store intrinsics:
  • Spent a lot of the week reworking the way the load/store intrinsics are handled, to fix both correctness and performance bugs. The new rtl patterns should have the right form for the vectoriser. Made what feels like good progress, but it's not complete yet.
  • Sent separate R_ARM_IRELATIVE patch to glibc, after feedback from glibc-ports.
  • Booked flight and hotel for Budapest summit.
  • Pinged unreviewed patches.

Next week

  • More intrinsics improvements. I think these are necessary to get good

Ulrich Weigand


  • Completed glibc patch to add ARM unwind tables to system call stubs (bug #684218), patch committed upstream and backported to Ubuntu glibc.
  • Posted kernel patch to fixes GDB inferior calls while stopped in a restartable system call (bug #615974); waiting for review.
  • Ongoing work to fix single-stepping over signal handlers (bug #615978).
  • Implemented patch to fix single-stepping across bad ARM/Thumb boundary (bug #667309); posted to mailing list for comments.
  • Contributed two fixes for valgrind on ARM (to enable running GDB under valgrind); both now accepted mainline.

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