cbuild is the custom continuous integration system used by the toolchain group to build, test, and benchmark Linaro GCC, GDB, and QEMU.

Running version

LAVA backend

Since 2013-03, LAVA can be used as a backend for running cbuild jobs. LAVA is used as "dumb" backend only, essentially allowing to use LAVA board pool instead of dedicated cbuild board pool (and thus potentially improving capacity, especially if cbuild pool is merged into LAVA's). Further leveraging of LAVA capabilities, like detail test logs recorded in LAVA is possible and expected. To schedule a job to LAVA, it should be spawned into "lava-pandaes-usbdrive" queue, gcc daily builds are spawned into the queue automatically. Unfortunately, as of 2013-03, LAVA itself has low capacity of Panda ES boards which is the only validated board type for cbuild. So, the system can't yet be used to its full potential.

Note: To workaround capacity problem described above for infrastructure testing, there's number of other "lava-*" queues available. Using them does *not* produce valid builds, and will likely lead to build errors right away.

Implementation notes


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