Monday 5th of July 2010



Action Items from this Meeting

  • Loic and Andrew to extend wiki page to track progress of the merging of Ubuntu patches, assignees etc.
  • Loic to setup and run a call on merge workflow with bzr
  • Matthias to sort autotools issues with new cell-4.4 Linaro patch or to ask Ulrich for help :-)

  • Marcin to fix -gcc symlink (LP #600927) and update-alternatives installability issue in his public cross-compiler packages

Action Items from Previous Meeting

  • Loic to create wiki page tracking merging of Ubuntu patches starting from Andrew's review: DONE (by Andrew)
  • Ulrich to merge the cell-4.4 patch with the Linaro branch: DONE
  • Julian and Andrew to review remaining testsuite failures
  • Loic to check whether we can resolve conflicts between next GCC Summit and Linaro Developers Summit
  • Paul Brook to assign himself to the FTBFS bug he is working on
  • Ulrich to pick up the other FTBFS bug
  • Loic to setup gcc-linaro milestone for July release


  • New starter from Canonical: Michael Hope; round of introductions
  • Ubuntu patches being reviewed and tested within CodeSourcery

    • Can be merged in Linaro branches right now
    • Loic and Andrew to extend wiki page to track progress of the merging
    • Loic, Yao and Andrew to have a bzr call on using the bzr review/merge process; Loic to organize; same time tomorrow (Tuesday)
  • Loic and Andrew to discuss binutils patches this week with doko
  • Ulrich sent a new cell-4.4 patch on top of the Linaro branch; doesn't work for doko due to some autotools issues; Ulrich believes this is minor stuff which Matthias will fix
  • Andrew had no time to review the remaining testsuite failures; Julian was on leave next week
    • Andrew to review the results when Loic tells him his beagle is up again
  • Blueprint status
    • cross-compilers
      • hrw wants to check that everything is merged in the gcc-4.5 packaging SVN
      • doko working on 4.5.1 merge
      • hrw will fix the regression raised on debian-embedded@
      • plans to rewrite his internal stage patches
      • -gcc symlink LP #600927 is about to be fixed, needs merging in packaging SVN
      • update-alternatives issue
    • linaro-m / Ubuntu maverick toolchain blueprint
      • see above for testsuite failures and merging of Ubuntu patches
      • regression FTBFSes
        • Paul Brook looking into at least one of the two failure to build issues
          • Andrew to ask pbrook to assign himself to the bug
        • Ulrich to poke the other bug once we know which one that is
  • Initial release
    • Proposed release date: next Monday; next Tuesday is actually best to discussthis next Monday; Andrew raises that the perl+mysql bugs might be hard, we dont know
    • Release version: 4.x + 2010.07 (month of the release); monthly releases
    • Loic to setup a milestone to track this
  • New mailing-list: new linaro-toolchain public mailing-list on its way, stay tuned
  • Conflict with GCC Summit; Loic checked with Mark Mitchell and Kiko what we could do about the conflict, not an option to move LDS / UDS, GCC Summit date was probably just agreed upon (implies reservations were made :-/) so probably not an option to move it either; Mark seemed to think it wasn't an issue to send some folks to each summit

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