Monday 12th July 2010

This month's meetings

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Action Items from this Meeting

  • Andrew to propose the triplet change to toolchain upstream
  • Andrew to send email to Debian ARM on best triplet
  • MLH to pickup perl if pbrook doesn't have a patch by Monday evening UTC
  • MLH to write up wants as a toolchain developer/tester
  • Marcin to check if xdeb incorrectly produces a package findutils-armel
  • Loic to push changes on mysql

Action Items from Previous Meeting

  • Loic and Andrew to extend wiki page to track progress of the merging of Ubuntu patches, assignees etc. DONE
  • Loic to setup and run a call on merge workflow with bzr DONE
  • Matthias to sort autotools issues with new cell-4.4 Linaro patch or to ask Ulrich for help :-) DONE

  • Marcin to fix -gcc symlink (LP #600927) and update-alternatives installability issue in his public cross-compiler packages DONE
  • Yao to update WorkingGroups/ToolChain/UbuntuGCCPatches wiki page for the issue with ADA support and the patches he merged

  • Yao to update WorkingGroups/ToolChain/UbuntuRegressions wiki page for the removal of the license patch DONE

  • Loic to create a linaro-toolchain-drivers team which can upload tarballs PARTIAL Group created, tarball upload currently not working


  • The linaro-toolchain list for toolchain related chatter; please subscribe!
  • Loic called for sprint topics. See Events/2010-07-PlatformSprint/ToolChainWG

  • Meetings have been cancelled for the week of the sprint
  • Mentioned the upcoming hardfp port that Debian is investigating
    • Port is too large for Linaro itself
    • Toolchain should support - best place to support, easiest to maintain due to doko
    • Better choice for Debian as they may get support from Linaro; won't from CSL 2010 Lite edition
    • Noted that there's disagreement on the Debian triplet and position of the hf marker. Problem is what is correct vs which is the path of least resistance.
    • ACTION Andrew to propose the triplet change to toolchain upstream?
    • Noted that the ARM EABI is a family of ABIs that different vendors take variants from
    • ACTION Andrew to send email to Debian ARM on best triplet
  • Milestone issue review
    • ACTION MLH to try perl if no progress is made by pbrook
    • getfem++ can't be reproduced
    • vect/* won't fix
    • mysql fix is ugly
    • pr9771-1.c MLH to continue or send patch otherwise
    • neon triggered by march=armv7a which should have occurred with Lucid GCC
      • Can lower priority if a missed optimisation
  • MLH wants help on how to best use the packaging system to do what he's used to such as
    • Build exactly what the Ubuntu PPA will end up as
    • Build a cross-compiler to try ARM failures on a fast machine
    • Do an incremental build
    • Do a non-bootstrap build
    • Run the compiler under a debugger
    • Use the test compiler to build a package
    • ACTION MLH to write up wants
  • Andrew has a process to build the tarball and will run the certification process afterwards
  • Loic recommended CSL developers to have local hardware
  • Blueprints status
    • Initial 4.4 release reviewed. Done except Ada patch. Andrew to edit whiteboard to note
    • Update broken Ubuntu patches
      • Loic suggests reviewing Ubuntu patches month to month
  • Cross compiler (Marcin)
    • Tidying up ugly GCC hacks
    • Stage 1 is now clean
    • ACTION Marcin to check if xdeb incorrectly produces a package called findutils-armel
  • ACTION Loic to push changes to mysql
  • Michael will run Wednesday standup call

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