Wednesday 14th July 2010

This month's meetings

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  • Andrew has been working on the release. A power failure last night interrupted the test suite. MLH noted that Matthias has started his own build/test process. Andrew will hold off re-running the tests
  • Richard has been getting involved in the ABI discussions, which seem to be winding down from ARM's point of view
  • Ulrich has been backporting the testsuite fixes. Next task is looking at gdb. He has run the test suite on gdb 7.2 and found more failures than expected.
  • Yao is continuing on the CSL 4.4 to 4.5 patch set. The process is still ongoing. MLH offered to help with any Ubuntu specific packaging problems partly due to being close in timezones.

The sprint is almost here. Please add what you'll be working on to - it's great for networking as it helps those interested in similar areas to track you down.

The next stand up meeting is on Friday the 16th.

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