Monday 26th July 2010

This month's meetings

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Action Items from this Meeting

  • ACTION: Michael to organise and spread next Monday's call in number
  • ACTION: Michael to re-check release dates and suggest something
  • ACTION: Michael to rename the intermediate milestone
  • ACTION: Loic to find the Chrome OS contact name for the records
  • ACTION: Ulrich to confirm PowerPC approach with Matthias

Action Items from Previous Meeting

  • DONE: Go to the sprint
  • DONE: Loic: announcement for linaro-announce, Andrew and MLH to review before sending
  • DONE: Andrew will create release via the Launchpad milestone page
  • DONE: Ulrich to summarise the GDB Thumb 2 issues and post so that Andrew can see if CSL have already done this.
    • CSL agrees that it is a problem and isn't working on it


  • Reviewed the agenda
  • Michael Hope is now the toolchain lead
  • Calls will be shifted to a public number starting next Monday
    • ACTION: Michael to organise and spread number.
  • Went over release dates
    • Loic suggested the second Tuesday of every month instead as it gives the rest of working week to handle problems
    • Michael would like to keep close to the FeatureFreeze/FinalRelease dates so that announcements coincide

    • ACTION: Michael to re-check dates and suggest something
  • The next release, due in a week, will be skipped due to no significant changes since last release
    • ACTION: Michael to rename milestone
  • Hardware availability
    • CSL
      • i.mx51 in their data centre
      • Julian, Andrew: have IGEPv2
      • Yao, Chung-Lin: will get hardware
      • Loic pointed everyone to the internal hardware availability page
      • Ulric: is organising hardware
    • Loic wants to investigate using qemu as a buildd host
    • Michael will write-up and share his hardware. Everything should move into the data centre later
  • Benchmarks
    • Loic noted that we want everything in the open and reproducible, so prefer freely usable benchmarks
    • Don't want trivial benchmarks
    • Most commercial benchmarks include the source but have restrictions on sharing the results
    • Michael asked for suggestions on benchmarks
    • Michael to look at freely usable benchmarks such as lmbench
  • Current tickets
    • Yao and Michael will look at Firefox
    • Ulrich is investigating the next in the list
  • Michael would like to send a weekly 'State of the toolchain' update
    • Consumed by linaro-dev, Ubuntu toolchain maintainers, and perhaps others like Ubuntu kernel maintainers
    • Loic suggested via Launchpad news
  • Discussed communication with Ubuntu
    • All notification to go via Ubuntu toolchain maintainers
    • U-T-M has responsibility to pass this downstream
  • Loic talked with a developer on Chrome OS
    • Interested in trying the toolchain
    • Currently plain GCC 4.4.1
    • Require something very stable
    • ACTION: Loic to find a name for the records
    • General want for us to try building Chrome OS using the Linaro toolchain
  • PowerPC
    • Ulrich talked with Matthias at the end of the sprint
    • From a Ubuntu perspective, don't want 4.5 to regress in features vs 4.4
    • Revert the 4.4 PowerPC changes, keep SH and MIPS. Ubuntu doesn't support SH or MIPS so no change
    • ACTION: Ulrich to confirm with Matthias

Next call is on Wednesday

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