Wednesday 28th July 2010

This month's meetings

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  • Stand-up call - progress, what's next, and problems

Action Items from this Meeting

  • ACTION: Richard: will send Michael an email on the sync primitives
  • ACTION: Richard: will see where the str* assembler routines landed

Action Items from Previous Meeting


  • Andrew:
    • Has received a IGEPv2 board and is trying to get it working
    • Having trouble with the maverick chroot
    • Modifying the CSL build system to use bzr
    • Modifying the CSL build system to try the Ubuntu glibc
    • 4.5 merges will start going in soon
  • Chung-Lin:
    • Looking at hard float
    • Working on libffi. Has looked at the internals and has started the port
  • Julian:
    • Working on porting the 4.4 changes into 4.5
    • Also has a IGEPv2 board and is working with Andrew to get it going
  • Ulrich:
    • Proposed the powerpc revert to doko, who is happy with that approach
    • Working with upstream on 500524. Patch should be present in 4.4.5

    • To work on the Firefox issue 604874

  • Michael:
    • Working on a continuous build
    • Starting a write-up on patch tracking
  • Yao
    • Has looked into and reproduced 604874

    • Will look into the assembly to see what is going on
  • Richard:
    • Working on the sync primitives in gcc and their use in eglibc
    • ACTION: Will send Michael an email on their use
    • Michael: any hand coded mem* or str* that he knows of?
    • ACTION: Richard: probably present in CSL eglibc, will investigate
    • Problems with the license of - want BSD as they're universal, but glibc may require LGPL

Next call is on Friday

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