Wednesday 28th July 2010

This month's meetings

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Action Items from this Meeting

  • None

Action Items from Previous Meeting

  • ACTION: Richard: will send Michael an email on the sync primitives
  • ACTION: Richard: will see where the str* assembler routines landed


  • Andrew:
    • Working on the 4.5 patches
    • Checking the current test results
    • Running any pending merges for 4.4
    • IGEP board is improving. Has home mounted over NFS. Will try.
  • Chung-Lin:
    • Working on hardfp
    • libffi is progressing well
    • Sent the preprocessor changes upstream
    • Looking into using Embasy as a benchmark
  • Richard:
    • Sent an email to Michael regarding sync primitives
  • Michael:
    • Builds are up and running
    • Latest results at the link above

Next call is on Monday

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