Wednesday 3rd Feb 2011

This month's meetings

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  • Standup call



  • Got the SPEC lbm benchmark running on the PandaBoards at -O2, suggests that the problem is canis1

  • Will see about trying on Michael's Pandas
  • Trying preload write on the Cortex-A9 SMP as part of the PBX investigation


  • Continuing work on DENBench to generate stable profiling information
  • Understand it on x86, now looking into running on ARM
  • Has run into an ICE, filed a bug
  • Looking into the iterations needed to make the results stable
  • Michael to send Revital his current interation tuning


  • Working on NEON external test suite failures seen last week
  • Mostly on IFUNC


  • Mostly fixing issues in qemu-linaro RC1 tarball, putting together RC2 now
  • Fixed up a few other issues due to migration
  • Having a look at USB especially USB keyboard and mouse
  • Seems that the OMAP USB implementation is non-existant
  • Would like someone else to test it (Michael volunteers)


  • Working on GDB side
  • Discussed with Richard Earnshaw about being a bottleneck on ARM patches
  • Reducing role slightly, allowing GDB global maintainers to commit ARM changes
  • Will now start commiting the backlog, backport to 7.2, etc


  • Follow up on travel for 2011. Started a table covering the year
  • Has started collecting activity reports and putting them in one place on the wiki


  • perf and patch for symbolic names. Put the information up on a wiki page. Talking with maintainer, but no response yet
  • A direct image off Dave's Panda doesn't work on Ken's
  • Looking into the Redhat crash utility. Got it running, next step is kexec.


  • Brought the Pandas into my build farm
  • Re-worked the build scripts to allow A9 and A8 builds

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