Monday 14th Feb 2011

This month's meetings

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  • Review action items from last meeting
  • Travel: Internal/People/MounirBsaibes/ToolchainScratchpad

  • IBM contribution status
  • FSF copyright assignment status
  • Benchmarking
    • Profiling tools: perf vs gprof
    • Number of iterations in DENBench
    • What's the next step?
  • Who needs hardware?
  • Spill-over
    • GDB watchpoints
    • 4.6 status
    • Realview PBX status


IBM contribution status:

  • Looking into the issue from an IBM approvals status
  • Decision: as work done in the Linaro context is for Linaro, follow Linaro rules
  • Question comes up: what are Linaro rules?
    • One includes having appropriate, approved licenses
    • Do need explicit approval from TSC for GPLv3, is in progress

FSF copyright assignment:

  • Has been 'put in the mail'
  • Michael will check on status


  • Ken's: run Ubuntu Natty alpha 2, not Linaro. Will track down.
  • Ulrich: OK
  • Ira: has a BeagleBoard, but it's broken

  • Revital: OK on Michael's
  • Peter: has XM, otherwise OK


  • perf or gprof?
    • Ken: gprof is based on instrumenting, perf doesn't
    • Revital: DENBench can easily use gprof
    • Michael: how much does gprof change the results?
    • Michael will add to the builds
  • CoreMark

    • Regresses in ARMv7 vs ARMv5
    • Regresses in NEON vs just core
    • Ramana: use perf to see how the instruction selection changes
    • Chung-Lin: have a look at the disassembly


  • Michael said that Realview PBX is there, but a bit useless from an end-user point of view
  • Discussion going on with ARM re: what the well supported A9 should be

4.6 status:

  • Andrew is ticking on
  • Stuck a bit as Richard is on sabbatical until the end of the month
  • Wants to benchmark on A9, waiting on hardware
    • Patches done for the A8, might be appropriate for A9, at least need to be conditional
    • Michael will make ursa2 available and idle
  • Ramana will review patches
  • When should we start landing in the 4.6 branch?
    • Andrew: upstream seems a bit stuck, may start merging into the consolidation
    • For everyone else: start porting to the Linaro 4.6 and 4.5 branch

GDB watchpoint status:

  • Ulrich: got things working as expected on the A9
  • A8 is harder as it uses the memory mapped access to the watchpoint registers
  • Things could be improved, such as:
    • Use more than one watchpoint (has more)
  • Seems to be some fundamental SMP related bugs in software breakpoints
    • Works fine with CPU affinity
    • Michael: higher priority than hardware watchpoints
    • Ramana: prod Will about this?

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