Wednesday 17th Feb 2011

This month's meetings

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  • Standup call



  • Andy Green and tracking down PandaBoard issue

  • Seems to be an over current issue, reported by IRQ, but not handled
    • so the companion chip shuts down the board
  • Have a patch, will test
  • Will have a look at the APR/eglibc bug
  • And then move onto libunwind


  • Testing the SMS on ARM with DENBench
  • Current doloop implementation isn't appropriate for ARM
  • Due to conditional flags/conditional instructions used in the loop
  • Will investigate
  • Michael: earlier benchmarks show quite an advantage, so worthwhile


  • Continued on hardware watchpoints
  • Angle 1: problem with SMP on Versatile Express - seems to be an ARM errata
    • You can do a TLB flush, and send command to other core
    • Can flush just a range of addresses, but range is buggy
    • Sometimes doesn't flush which matches symptoms
    • Adding breakpoint involves writing to read only page, modify TLB, flush
    • Switched on config option, fixes problem
  • Angle 2: cleaning up patches to the generic+ARM hardware watchpoint support


  • Went over the blueprints in details with Michael to check status, correct errors
  • Testing Alpha 2 on the IGEP board, ran into a serial problem


  • Benchmarks: scripting and running CoreMark, pybench, gmpbench

  • Next is DENBench and some reporting on the results

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