Tuesday 21st August 2012

This month's meetings

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  • Michael Hope
  • Ramana Radhakrishnan
  • Christophe Lyon
  • Zhenqiang Chen
  • Matthew Gretton-Dann


Action Items from This Meeting

  • michaelh to folow-up and ping Mans on getting a hold of his benchmark runs
  • michaelh to investigate regression with movw/movt patch by hand
  • mgrettondann to run current symbol ref splitting patch over SPEC against FSF trunk
  • michaelh to point mgrettondann to existing cards
  • michaelh and mgrettondann to start writing card for PGO work
  • mgrettondann to pick up Hot/Cold Partitioning patch from ramana, cross-test against SPEC for correctness, and then do a benchmarking run
  • ramana to create a Blueprint for min-idion in middle-end and update Todo list with link
  • mgrettondann to update todo list with changes in 2012.08 release.
  • zchen to work on shrink-wrapping
  • clyon to update his vext patch

Action Items from Previous Meeting

  • michael to follow-up and ping Mans on getting a hold of his benchmark runs - PENDING.
  • Outputs page and benchmark results for cortex-strings published. Not doing anything further for glibc as we have no resource - DONE.
  • Vector alignments finished upstream . Uli to take forward backports to FSF release branches (4.7 and 4.6). See minutes for more discussion on this topic - DONE.
  • michaelh to investigate regression with movw/movt patch by hand. Matt to investigate if regressions exist with SPEC2k on FSF trunk with this patch - PENDING.
  • michaelh to look at swapping the 2 virtual connect sessions - DONE.


  • Symbol ref splitting patches
    • Zhenqiang has re-run the benchmarks and the regressions he was seeing go away when the alignment of code is forced.
    • Michael is still going to have a go and trying to reproduce Zhenqiang's results himself.
    • Matt is trying to get cbuild to spawn jobs from tarballs and will run SPEC against FSF trunk with and without the patch.
  • Virtual Connect Followup
    • Matt & Michael to generate cards following the sessions.

    • Anything simple/obvious to pick up in the meantime?
    • Matt to pick up the Hot/Cold partitioning patch and fix the segfaults Ramana was seeing when running SPEC and then benchmark.
    • Hot/cold partitioning should go in 4.8.
    • Michael has added a O3-neon-PGO variant to the cbuild script to automate PGO builds.
  • PandaBoard vs PandaBoard ES

    • The PandaBoard ES has a very different memory system to the PandaBoard which explains the SPEC differences.

  • Vector extension patch
    • Christophe is working through the review comments.
  • Review of TODO list: https://wiki.linaro.org/WorkingGroups/ToolChain/GCCPerfConnectQ212Notes

    • Zhenqiang is moving onto shrink wrapping next.
    • 'min-idion in middle end' needs a blue print - Ramana to produce.
    • Peeling needs revisiting and checking after the vector alignment changes.
    • Matt to update the TODO list with changes in 2012.08 release.

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