Publishing a release

This page details the steps to take once you have built a source tarball and need to release it formally.

Upload the source tarball to snapshot directory

  1. You should have a release tarball produced as the output of the release process, it is referred to here as $TARBALL
  2. Copy the tarball to the TCWG snapshots directory:
    scp $TARBALL
  3. You can now spawn a job to build the snapshot

Upload to

  1. Update the appropriate release notes files in ssh://

  2. Email the Release Manager (Fathi Boudra) CCing the Toolchain Engineering Manager (Ryan Arnold), Toolchain Tech Lead (Maxim Kuvyrkov), Toolchain Release Manager (Rob Savoye), OpenEmbedded Release Manager (Koen Kooi) and Android Toolchain Engineer (Bernhard Rosenkranzer) asking for the snapshot and signature to be copied from to

Update others

  1. Update all JIRA cards targetted at the release to either close them or target at the next release
  2. Update the current release information at WorkingGroups/ToolChain

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