See Using Git in Linaro for general information about Git and all the available trees in Linaro git server. Note that you will need a Linaro Login account in order to access this URL.

Accessing Linaro private git

Private git trees in Linaro are restricted to only authorized users. To be an authorized private git tree user, you need a Linaro account and register your ssh RSA public key. Once you have a Linaro account, you'll need to go to and make sure your ssh public key is in your profile. Public keys must be uploaded as a single line of text. You can find this key in ~/.ssh, it will be called "" by default. You can check if you are set up for any kind of ssh access by trying to log into

  • $ ssh <ssh-login-id>

Replace <ssh-login-id> with your login (creating at If you don't have a Linaro account and cannot access your private git, contact your project manager for further assistance.

Accessing Linaro public git

Users can fetch code from Linaro public trees without any restrictions and they can use http or git protocol. However, if they want to upload code to the public tree, they would need a Linaro account and ssh RSA public key. Please see the 'Accessing Linaro private git' section above for details on how to get a Linaro account and upload your ssh key.

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