For Linaro Connect Q1.12 set to take place in February 2012, Infrastructure team has worked on developing a basic registration form in the form of a Wordpress plugin.

Initial blueprint


  • lp:linaro-wordpress-registration-form

  • lp:~linaro-infrastructure/wordpress-launchpad/integration/login-page-theme


  1. Current implementation depends on wp_em_events table (and hard-codes the name); this should be relatively straightforward to implement
  2. Atm, we hack openid plugin because I haven't spent enough time investigating how to best pass the required fields over to Wordpress OpenID plugin
  3. We are not using Wordpress shorttags but are instead directly passing the values around
  4. Crappy repeated code
  5. No tests


  1. Install generic Wordpress OpenID plugin (and activate it)
  2. Configure it:
    • Set General/Settings "Anyone can register" and "New accounts can only be created with verified OpenIDs"
  3. Patch wp-content/plugins/openid/consumer.php with to make email, user name and full name required attributes and to ask Launchpad to always pass them around

  4. Install Linaro Connect-themed lp:wordpress-launchpad-integration from branch lp:~linaro-infrastructure/wordpress-launchpad-integration/login-page-theme (and activate it: it's named "OpenID launchpad" in Wordpress admin interface)

  5. Install Linaro Connect registration plugin from lp:linaro-wordpress-registration-form and activate it

  6. Create a page on and add "[connect-registration-form]" text somewhere in the page content
  7. To update the "Register now" button link, look at wp-content/themes/linarotheme/sidebar-eventpage.php

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