Engineering Blueprints are used by Linaro to capture the work that needs to be done and the effort involved in doing it.

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Project Assignment

When creating an engineering blueprint, please register against the appropriate project:




Any Linaro wide project that doesn't fit below


Multimedia WG projects


Graphics WG projects


Power management WG projects


Toolchain WG projects


Kernel WG projects


ST-E Landing team projects


Android Platform Team

Each of the project pages above will contain a link, "Register a blueprint", which allows you to register your blueprint.

If you have problems determining which project to assign a new blueprint to please talk to the Engineering Resources team.

When proposing a blueprint, it's also suggested to start a related discussion thread in linaro-dev offering a problem statement. This will help developers sort out the issue and where it fits in Linaro, as well as what resources are required, and whether it should be on the roadmap for the UDS summit or not.


All Blueprints that Linaro cares about should be registered against the proper project and series so that they can be tracked and monitored by the launchpad-work-item-tracker. This tool periodically analyzes Linaro blueprints collate metrics for an engineering cycle. This view is essential for getting an overview of activity inside Linaro and is used by everyone from engineers to TSC members.

For the tracking tool to work there must be some manual work done on Blueprints and Launchpad projects. The steps are outlined below.

Series Goal

For Linaro a series is a period of time where engineers work on the Technical Requirements that were defined at the beginning of the cycle. For example, 11.05 and 11.11 are both series. Each and every project that is tracked needs to have a series setup with its name being the current cycle name, e.g. 11.05. This series also needs to have at least one milestone, the end date of the cycle which for 11.05 was 2010-05-28. This milestone is named <cycle>-final so 11.05-final.

Below you can see the setup for the Graphics Working Group. Notice the series names and the 11.05 milestone that has the end date of the cycle. It is wise to set up a cycle + 1 series for any Blueprints that will be done after the current cycle.

  • series.jpg


The naming of an engineering blueprint normally doesn't matter. However, if you scheduling a blueprint for discussion in a Connect/UDS session please see the scheduling blueprints guide for tips on names.

Essential Blueprint Information

Engineering Blueprints require a certain syntax so that the launchpad-work-item-tracker can work correctly. All fields should be current and correct. Below is an example of a Blueprint that has been set up correctly. Notice that the 'Series goal' is set to the 11.05 series and that the 'Milestone target' is set to a specific milestone, in this case, the last milestone in the cycle. Other important data that must be filled in are the 'Assignee' and the 'Definition' and 'Implementation' fields.

  • blueprint-info.jpg

The white board also needs to be used correctly. The board has a specific syntax that you must use for the tools to work. The syntax is explained on the Work Item Howto page. Points on note are that work items should ideally be of 2 man days in length. That way a Blueprint with 10 work items will be estimated to take 20 man days to complete. If this isn't possible please put a note at the top of the Whiteboard giving an estimated length of the Blueprint in the form of:

  • Estimate: 10d
    for days

  • Estimate: 2w
    for weeks

  • Estimate: 3m
    for months

That way the project managers can get a loose idea of how long the Blueprint will take. Below is an example of a whiteboard that has been correctly set up.

  • whiteboard.jpg

Burndown charts

Once this information is in place, Burndown charts can be seen at:

Why isn't my blueprint showing up on

In order to show up on your person and team pages on the blueprint must be assigned to you.

In addition it must have at least one workitem (following the syntax explained above).

It must be "Accepted" for the current development series. Being "Proposed" isn't good enough. If you are unable to accept blueprints yourself then ask the maintainer of the project that the blueprint is registered against to do it.

The blueprint must not be in the "Deferred" status, targeted to a milestone named "later", or be superceded by another blueprint to show up.

In order to show up on the TR page for the relevant TR, and to contribute to the progress bars on the front page the blueprint must also be set as a dependency of the TR (the arrow in the dependency graph should point from the blueprint to the TR), and the TR must also be in the correct state (see Process/Blueprints/TRBlueprint.)

Further information

There has been a lot of information produced on work items, Blueprints and the process, below is a few links to read more.


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